Case Study | Speakwell | Lift & Shift, Move & Improve

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Problem Statement

  • Speakwell technologies have their current wordpress ecosystem hosted out of a third party platform ( Hostinger ) which manages SSL plus DNS.
  • Getting latency issues while loading the pages.
  • Customer looking to consolidate their wordpress platform to host it on google compute engine with high scalability and security.
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  • Consolidated all the Wordpress sites from third party platform
  • Migrated the contents from HPANEL to GCE VM’s and FileStore for HA of the contents.
  • Consolidated all the database from different sites to CloudSQL.
  • Configured Google Managed SSL certificates for all the sites.
  • Enabled WAF rules in Cloud Armor.
  • To enhance the performance of the website, enabled Google CDN with LB
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  • Ability to scale the infrastructure based on number of incoming requests
  • Website performance enhanced , latency reduced by 30% with cost savings by 25%
  • Protecting all the sites from DDOS and other Vulnerability via Cloud Armor
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Infra & Application Modernization

Speakwell is the leading brand of English language training in Mumbai and several cities in Western India. Speakwell also offers several skill development training programs which includes Retail sector skills, Banking Sector Skills, etc.

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Services and Tools

  • Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Google File Store
  • Google CloudSQL
  • Cloud LoadBalancer
  • Cloud CDN
  • Cloud Armor
  • Cloud Monitoring and Backup
  • Security Command Center Standard
  • Google Storage
  • Google Managed SSL Certificate