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We are your trusted team of cloud-native and data problem solvers, helping you drive the best business outcomes with Cloud and Kubernetes as a catalyst.

Our Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Consulting Services

We perform a comprehensive assessment on your current infrastructure and application landscape and provide a report that covers architecture, design and production grade Kubernetes deployment plan

We believe that the future is already here and it is kubemetes. We are adept at deploying and running Kubernetes anywhere - self managed, GKE, EKS, AKS and Anthos.

We have assisted hundreds of customers in their cloud native journey with Infra and Application Modernization. Breaking monoliths, containerizing legacy applications and deploying/running them at scale on Kubernetes, DevOps maturity assessments, Infrastructure as Code, authoring CI/CD pipelines and bring Observability and realize benefits of Serverless offerings.

Have a monolithic app that costs a lot to maintain? Stuck in a closed ecosystem and want to leverage the latest tech stacks and open source frameworks and tools?

Did you just migrate your infrastructure to cloud but your app is not able to leverage the true power of Cloud? Are you throwing additional Infrastructure at your Application problems?

We help our customers modernize and migrate their apps to cloud the right way. We have helped a lot of our customers convert monoliths into meaningful microservices, containerize and orchestrate the microservices using Kubernetes or deploy them in a serverless way, thereby reducing the ops overhead and letting them focus more on what matters the most - their product.

Scale your business and let your apps take care of themselves!

Adopt DevSecOps and supercharge your teams to innovate, build and ship code in a faster and secure manner. We will be the catalyst for change required in culture, process and tools in realizing the full potential of DevSecOps!

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Our Cloud Native Case Studies

Infra & Application Modernization

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Infra & Application Modernization

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Infra & Application Modernization

Classplus | Consulting Services - Infra and Data

Infra & Application Modernization

Speakwell | Lift & Shift, Move & Improve


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