Our Services

Anything cloud, Everything cloud!

As a team, we bring decades of collective experience in Cloud, Data and App development. From a two person startup to large conglomerates, our services are designed to assist you in every phase of your cloud-native journey.

Cloud Explore

- Datacenter?
- Private Cloud?
- Enterprise Landscape?
- Kubernetes?

Irrespective of where you currently are, we can join forces and assist you in your journey towards cloud native. Our Assessments and Workshops are designed to gain a thorough understanding of business requirements, technical landscape and come up with a Cloud Adoption Strategy and execution plan. We also do TCO analysis, building secure and reliable foundations on Cloud and execute quick POCs setting you up for the exciting cloud journey. In short, this is our very own CTO as a Service.

Cloud Migrate

Migrate from anywhere to Cloud and from any cloud to any cloud. From the all opensource environment of a rapidly growing startup to complex workloads of a large enterprise - we have migrated diverse set of environments and built a Cloud Migration Factory approach. Whether it's plain Lift and Shift or complex Move and Improve, consolidation of multiple datacenters as part of the move, All Linux, all Windows or a healthy mix - we've got you covered.

Cloud Modernize

We believe that the future is already here and it is Kubernetes. We are adept at deploying and running Kubernetes anywhere - self managed, GKE, EKS, AKS and Anthos. We have assisted hundreds of customers in their cloud native journey with Infra and Application Modernization. Breaking monoliths, containerizing legacy applications and deploying / running them at scale on Kubernetes, DevOps maturity assessments, Infrastructure as Code , authoring CI/CD pipelines and bring Observability and realize benefits of Serverless offerings.

We strongly believe in taking a good look at the problem at hand and choosing the right tool(s) to solve it. If these tools happen to be spread across multiple cloud platforms, so be it. We help customers go multi-cloud or Hybrid by bringing in our expertise across GCP, AWS, Azure and avoiding pitfalls of not being cloud agnostic.

Cloud Manage

So you are already on Cloud. The rate at which new services are released and existing ones are updated is phenomenal. We understand it can get overwhelming sometimes and difficult to keep up with. We do "Keeping up with The Cloud" for a living . We run automated and manual assessments on your existing Infra covering your Business Continuity and Reliability, looking for opportunities of Cost Optimization, Operational Efficiency.

Data Strategy

How do I capture raw data and unearth new business insights? Is it easy to handle realtime streaming data? Should I build a data warehouse,a datamart or a data lake? How do I model data? What should I do with unstructured data? How best do I empower different personas in the company - Developers, Data Engineers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists? — We are sure most CTOs / CIOs/ CxOs have questions like these.

We are here to work with you and help you find answers to these! Our detailed discovery and strategy sessions are designed to understand where you currently stand, what business outcomes you are looking at and convert that understanding into a data strategy and technical approach for execution.

Data problems are fun. If you have one, talk to us and we will be glad to solve it for you, with you

Data Strategy

Data Management

All your databases are belong to us :) . It's a good time to be alive for a database enthusiast. Along with the proven and battle tested enterprise RDBM like Microsoft SQL server and Oracle, there are a plethora of offerings on Cloud (CloudSQL, Aurora, BigTable, Cloud Spanner & DynamoDB), exciting opensource databases like Cassandra / Scylla, AeroSpike and the new & exciting cloud native databases - CockroachDB, Yugabyte and Vitess.

We help customers make right choices for a given problem. We have helped numerous enterprises migrate from SQL Server / Oracle to Opensource alternatives (often, to PostgreSQL) and save licensing costs. We have also helped with performance tuning, building complex replication topologies, high availability and schema design in case of BigTable, Cloud Spanner and DynamoDB.

We have helped build Enterprise Datawarehouses, assisted petabyte scale migrations from GreenPlum / Netezza / Teradata / Oracle Exadata to BigQuery / RedShift. We have designed dimensional data models, built KPI dashboards in tools like PowerBI , Tableau and Looker.

If you are working on any of these areas, let's talk!

Data Management

Advanced Analytics

Everyone is building a Data Lake these days, if they already don't have one. Funnily enough, the Data Lake means different things to different organizations - from data lakes deployed on self managed Hadoop clusters to Object stores like GCS, S3 & Azure Blob storage to MPP data warehouses like BigQuery, RedShift, Snowflake masquerading as Data Lakes.

We have worked with all of the above. We helped numerous customers build a Data Lake from scratch - ingesting real time, batch, relational and unstructured data from multiple sources, enable advanced analytics using BigQuery, RedShift, EMR, DataProc, Jupyter, Databricks etc. We have also helped customers migrate from Cloudera / HortonWorks to DataProc / EMR.

If you are working on any advanced analytics requirements, talk to us!

Advanced Analytics


Raw Data? -  ✅
What happened? - ✅
What will happen? - 🤔 Hmm.

Analytics will only help in understanding 'what happened' and maybe why something happened. Machine Learning will help understand what could happen and enable us to plan & make better business and/or technology decisions.

We have years of expertise in building Recommendation Engines, Forecasting Engines, Anomaly Detection Models. We are also well experienced with Computer Vision problems like Object detection, Text detection and OCR, Object Similarity, etc

We have also moved a lot of brands to automated digital channels across their different business functions like Customer Support, Incident Management, Helpdesk, etc by leveraging NLU & NLP. We also have built tons of Chatbots on different platforms - Dialogflow, Lex and Bot Service.

We also have experience in MLaaS/MLOps platforms like AI Platform & Sagemaker

       ML & AI

Cloud Native
App Development

Realize the full potential of cloud by going cloud-native!

We help our customers build, deploy and operate cloud-native apps on public cloud. By embracing modern approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers, we help our customers quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality

App Modernization

Have a monolithic app that costs a lot to maintain?
Stuck in a closed ecosystem and want to leverage the latest tech stacks and open source frameworks and tools?
Did you just migrate your infrastructure to Cloud but your app is not able to leverage the true power of Cloud?
Are you throwing additional Infrastructure at your Application problems?

We help our customers modernize and migrate their apps to Cloud the right way. We have helped a lot of our customers convert monoliths into meaningful microservices, containerize and orchestrate the microservices using Kubernetes or deploy them in a serverless way, thereby reducing the ops overhead and letting them focus more on what matters the most - their product.

Scale your business and let your apps take care of themselves!

Rapid App Prototyping

Have an idea, but don't want to spend an eon to see it in action?

We have helped multiple clients turn their ideas into a minimum viable product in a short span of time. We understand the nuances between a Proof of Concept and a Minimum Viable Product and therefore ensure that whatever we build is a functional product.

From Requirements Gathering to Design to Planning to Rapid Prototyping - our extended team can take care of it all!


We help our customers build a DevOps culture. This usually means small, multi-disciplinary teams that work autonomously and take collective accountability for how their end users experience our customer’s software.

We conduct DevOps maturity assessments for our customers through a series of stake holder interviews, manual and automated assessments of existing infrastructure and codebase(s). We come up with a strategy to increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders. Some of the services include -
‍- Infrastructure as Code using tools like Terraform, Pulumi, CloudFormation, Deployment Manager
‍- Authoring CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Spinnaker, GitLab, ArgoCD, Tekton
‍- Monitoring and Observability using Prometheus, Grafana, OpenCensus, Jaeger
‍- Security Audits, DevSecOps