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Problem Statement

  • Infrastructure was spread across multiple regions on AWS
  • Classplus was exploring consolidating all the infrastructure, and migrate to a new platform with strong building blocks, security
  • Classplus was also trying to optimize costs and to modernize their application and analytics infrastructure
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  • Performed a thorough audit of their infra on AWS
  • Identified cost optimization and operational efficiency opportunities in their then existing infra on AWS
  • Created target architectures, technical approach for migration to GCP from AWS
  • Reviewed Data engineering pipelines and proposed tools and methodologies to migrate to BigQuery
  • Became an extension of the customer’s engineering team and oversaw the execution of migration
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  • Helped customer arrive at a cost efficient, secure and scalable architecture on GCP
  • ~ 20% cost savings with long term commitments with GCP
  • Near realtime pipelines to ingest data from relational databases and from external sources like CleverTap
  • Helped 600 + TB of archived data from S3 to GCS with 35% cost savings in data egress charges
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Infra & Application Modernization

Classplus is an Ed-Tech startup that provides digital tools for the individual educations and institutions. Their unified platform helps coaching institutes manage all of their tasks and increase their reach

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Services and Tools

  • Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • BigQuery
  • Redshift
  • Airbyte, dbt