Case Study | Betterplace | Lift & Shift, Move & Improve

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Problem Statement

  • Betterplace technologies have their current infrastructure hosted on AWS.
  • Betterplace was exploring onboarding their new customers to Infra backed by GCP for cost and operational efficiency
  • The applications had to be configured with minimal involvement from the current engg team as they had other product specific deliverables
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  • Consolidated infra from multiple accounts and created strong foundations on Google Cloud Platform
  • Setup high available Kafka setup on VM’s similar to AWS managed service with more cost efficient and HA.
  • Deployed 32+ microservices on GKE with scaling enabled.
  • Automed the deployment of application to GKE.
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  • Onboarded new customer on GCP with same capabilities as AWS
  • Reduced the cost using self hosted Elasticsearch and Kafka on GCP.
  • Improved performance, latency reduced by 30%, cost savings by 25%
  • Creation of the new environment with minimal involvement of the customer’s engg team
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Infra & Application Modernization

BetterPlace is India’s largest technology platform delivering digital solutions for blue-collar workforce management, throughout the entire value chain..

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Services and Tools

  • Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • Kafka, MongoDB
  • Memorystore
  • Cloud DNS
  • Google Cloud SQL